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I am a multi-disciplined creative. I utilize my skills as a traditional artist combined with digital media to create what is best for the needs of each and every project.

My brief skill summary is:

Concept Design • Illustration • Creative Direction • Experiential Design • Themed Environment • Exhibit Design • Storyboards • Brand Development • Logo Design • Graphic Design • Product Design • Costume Design/Construction • Prop Design/Construction

After graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute, I moved to Los Angeles and worked for The Design Studio as an environmental/exhibit designer. I designed trade show exhibits and retail store environments for the retail industry as they were the majority of The Design Studio’s clients. Golds Gym, Z. Cavaricci, Lozza Eyewear were just a few.

I moved back to St. Louis and worked as an environmental/exhibit designer for The Mash Group. Again, I was designing environments for corporate business meetings, exhibits and retail spaces. A few notable clients include Southwestern Bell, Caterpillar, United Van Lines, and Anheuser Busch.

After working for The Mash Group I went to work for Spinnaker Design. While at Spinnaker, I designed experiential themed environments. A few clients were Edison Brothers Mall Entertainment, Six Flags Over Mid-America, CBS, The National Bowling Hall of Fame, and The St. Louis Science Center. Some of the spaces that I designed were for the Six Flags Over Mid-America retail store’s themed displays of the Warner Brothers characters. These were dimensional displays of Wile E. Coyote’s cave, a mine tunnel, a stage for toy displays with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, Marvin the Martian’s space ship and a few other fun themed elements throughout the store. As well, I designed the “Batman Laser Spectacular” building which was a “Axis Chemical” themed building. At night they would do a laser show for the customers. I also did the concept designs for a new Batman ride as well as concepts and scale model for a Star Trek themed experiential retail environment for Edison Brothers Mall Entertainment. Other projects that I worked on while at Spinnaker Design were the Med Tech Gallery and the Tunnel Exhibit at the St. Louis Science Center, “Exhilarama” Lasertag arena at Crestwood Mall and the Virtuality “roll out” for Edison Brothers, as well as the CBS “Women’s Talk” traveling show.

Heritage Communications was my next adventure where I was the senior environmental designer. A list of clients include Anheuser Busch, Caterpillar, United Van Lines, Villa Lighting, Dr Pepper/Cadbury, Amoco and Volkswagen. While at Heritage I worked on many projects from trade show exhibits to large business meetings and conventions. A few projects were the National Retail displays for Anheuser Busch’s national trade convention, the Anheuser Busch Olympic tent and the surrounding environment display space, and Caterpillar’s factory informational tour kiosks for the factory in Peoria.

I went to Visiontracks, Inc. next, where I took on the roll of Creative Director where I was the team leader of designers and programmers. I designed retail environments, museums, sets, and experiential exhibits.  I also did branding and identity for many clients which included logos, websites, print and media campaigns. Clients of Visiontracks included AT&T, Enterprise Holdings, Express Scripts, Maritz, St. Louis Childrens’ Hospital, The Missouri Botanical Garden, UniGroup, Cepia/Trendmasters, Famous Footwear/Brown Shoe (Caleres), the GSA, the US Army, and the US Army National Guard.

I continue to do experiential, environment and graphic design as well as creative direction and illustration as an independent creative. Some of my clients are Alberici Construction, Creative Producers Group, Eventiv, Famous Footwear/Brown Shoe (Caleres), Image Technologies, and Motion Express.

In all of these roles I was the creative, plus I oversaw the design, construction, and installation of projects maintaining client corporate standards, guidelines and integrity of their product/image.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my history to gain more insight on my experience.