Grandfather Clock
Hanging Tree
Steampunk Battle Axe
Samurai Swords
 The prince’s horse that I designed for “Into the Woods” musical. It was designed to be made as layered “flats” to give it some dimensionality so the actors could actually ride on the horse. The prop team built the horse from my full size drawings and Susan Pisoni painted it. Another great team effort. The audience cheered when the prince “road” onto the stage!
 Wolf masks I designed and made for “Into the Woods”. A fun project to work on and see live! We had two sizes, “Big Wolf” and “Little Wolf”. Painted by Susan Pisoni.
 Cinderella’s Bird props I designed and built for “Into the Woods” musical. I made nine of them that were to appear as they were made out of pages from books. The prop team added real pages to the wings. The birds were mounted onto a rod to add motion and kinetic energy when the prop team held and moved them.
 The “giant’s harp” from “Into the Woods” musical that I designed. Prop team constructed it from my full scale drawing and it was painted by Susan Pisoni. Great team effort all around!
Mandalorian Costume Jetpack
"Ghostbusters" Proton Pack
 This was a radio prop made out of foam and plastic for”Dance Force”, a performing company associated with Motion Express located in St. Louis. It needed to be light and maneuverable for their Christmas show that had a 1940s theme.
Space Shuttle phone model.jpeg
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